My services are as equally unique as your children.

At White Pencil Portraits, there's no 'one size fits all'. This is not your typical portrait studio with set session lengths and flat fees. Cost differs from one shoot to the next as every shoot is unique—based solely upon your vision. In other words...

It's all up to you.

My intention is to capture the unplanned, candid moments life presents. That may be as simple as photographing your children as they play in your own backyard. It may be as complex as traveling 50 miles to meet you at a baseball tournament. Whether you're planning a birthday party at Linvilla Orchards, a family picnic at Valley Forge or a summer stroll on the boardwalk, I'm happy to be there.

What to expect...

We'll start with a conversation to discuss the setting you envision and your image style preference. The more you can share about your child, children, family or pets—and their personalities—the better. Once we determine a time frame and location, I'll provide a complete estimate so there won't be any surprises along the way.

There is no right or wrong way to approach candid photography. You can absolutely request that I take specific photos. Simple requests often lead to huge successes. There will be times when I get down in the mud with your kids and make my own requests. Engaging with them on their level is often the best way to bring out their personality. For the most part though, you should go about enjoying the time with your family or sit back and watch your child play without giving a thought to the fact that I am there. Plenty of magic happens when I'm invisible.

Once the shoot is over...

I will provide you with online proofing for all images, followed by editing and manipulation of your top choices. You might select just three or four, or you might find that there are a dozen ‘must-haves’. Whichever the case, I'm happy to provide you with all of your faves. We'll then determine the type and size of prints that best suit your needs. Either way, all images are yours to keep.

I say bring it on.

Children are unpredictable. They're uninhibited, playful, and at times, downright quirky, silly or stubborn. It's all of those individual qualities that my images aim to portray. So let's not over plan. Let your children be themselves and let's have fun together.